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People love other things without names, too—and plenty of those have left marks on the map.Not so long ago, Main Streets everywhere were being boarded up, caving into the fight against big business and shopping malls.

Counting street sleepers How many homeless people are

Americans define their homes in many different ways, but few parts of the landscape capture the culture of a city or the rhythm of daily life better than a signature street.For the first time in seven years, the number of people without a safe, regular place to sleep in America has grown.

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Counting street sleepers How many homeless people are there in America.After a long, hard winter, it can seem like potholes are everywhere.

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A whirlwind tour of 10 streets that change the way we get around: from Broadway in New York and Wilshire in Los Angeles, to the Boston Post Road and the Lincoln Highway.On any given night in 2017, nearly 554,000 people across the country were.The most infuriating places in the country for street holes and pavement gaps.

A small-town getaway, Cedarburg is about 20 miles north of Milwaukee and offers visitors a chance to walk down the main street and pop in and out of shops, inns, cafes, and art galleries and.Caracas, Venezuela-- Venezuela's re-invigorated opposition faces a crucial test Wednesday as it seeks to fill streets nationwide with protesters in an appeal to the military and the poor to shift...If you miss that experience, check out these 50 great places to shop while enjoying small town scenery and a slower pace, all far, far away from crowded, chaotic megamalls.Cushman Street downtown Wednesday afternoon, September 26, 2018.

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Between the major cities on the coasts of the United States are hundreds of small towns where a good portion of the American population lives today.

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A Toronto street has just been ranked the sixth most expensive in North America, the most expensive street in Canada, and the 25th most expensive in the world.

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Over the past 20 years, America has seen the growth of ersatz Main Streets, facsimiles of the real thing, in private shopping places everywhere.