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With the 58 pieces in this set, you can build your Optimus Prime figure as a robot warrior or pounding semi truck.Use the 44 pieces in this set to build your Silver Knight Optimus Prime figure as a robot or semi truck, and your Grimlock figure as a robot or dinosaur.

Transformers Age of Extinction Construct-Bots Dinobot Warriors Optimus Prime and Gnaw.Then you can convert him to the other mode, or tear him down and build him again.Transformers Construct Bots Grimlock and Optimus Prime Age of Extinction.

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Check out this deal on transformers age of extinction construct-bots dinobot warriors optimus prime and gnaw dino buildable action figure.Construct-Bots Toy Fair 2014 Official Images Transformers Construct-Bots Age of Extinction and More New Figures Transformers Fall of Cybertron Jetwing Optimus Prime Figure with Construct-Bots Parts.

Transformers Construct-Bots sets let you create your favorite Transformers robots and customize them like never before.

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With the 25 pieces in this set, you can build your Grimlock figure as a robot warrior with a sword or a terrifying, chomping.Help Optimus Prime on his quest to find a very important artifact.

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Buy Transformers MV4 Construct Bots Dinobot Warriors - Optimus Prime MV4 Construct Prime and Gnaw Dino with the 58 given pieces and the instruction manual provided.Get this amazing after Christmas sale on age of extinction construct-bots dinobot warriors bumblebee and nosedive dino buildable action figureconvert your figures to the other mode or., by.

I think this toy really helps to build spatial and problem solving skills.Some of the transforming was hard for my son though the toy is aimed at Ages 6 and up and I ultimately had to do the conversions for him.

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The graphics are great and Hasbro have done a wonderful job in keeping the look of the Transformers similar to the look that kids know and love, but at the same time they have a very cool and unique look that is unlike any other.You can use the 44 pieces in this set to build your Silver Knight.New CONSTRUCT-BOTS parts make incredible new combinations possible, for even more creativity and customizability.

Build your own Transformers adventures with this 2-in-1 Optimus Prime figure.The ability to transform from robot to vehicle makes the toy extremely versatile.Construct-Bots (intended to be pronounced Construct-a-Bots by reading the faction symbol in the branding) is the current effort by Hasbro to develop a building toy line around Transformers.

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Cartoon Network is home to your favorite cartoons, full episodes, video clips and free games.Optimus Prime (2014) Recolors: This mold was recolored from Construct-Bots Dinobot Riders Optimus Prime (2014) and Construct-Bots Silver Knight Optimus Prime (2014).The official Hasbro Transformers website has been updated with a new game, based on the Constructbots.Trova le offerte migliori per Transformers Construct Bots Optimus Prime Gnaw Dino Figures Toys FREE UK P amp P su eBay.