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If your measurement is an even number, add four to that number.Hold the tape fairly firmly, but not so tight that it cuts into your skin.

This is the most important step, when you need to figure out how to measure your bra size.Below are guidelines on how to ensure you select the best fitting bra.Measure your bust size Get your bust measurement by measuring loosely around the fullest part of your bust with the tape straight across and around your back under the arms.The tape should neither be too tight or loose, keep it straight.If you get an odd number, you may need to try on bras that are the size above or below that measurement.

How-to determine bra size is fundamental in getting a correctly fitting bra.

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Follow these simple tips to determine your bra size: First, put on a comfortable bra--one.To calculate your bra size, you will need a soft measuring tape, and for best results, either remove your bra or wear the bra that fits you best.Wearing the right bra size helps your waist look thinner, bust look fuller and body look taller.

To take your body tape measurements, you will need a flexible tape measure that you can wrap around your body parts (or, if you want to go old school, you can wrap a string and then measure it against a straight rule).A tape measuring device for determining bra sizes has band dimension and bra size markings on the outer surface of the tape.

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The difference calculates your bra size- each inch represents a cup size.This guide about proper bra size measurement will help a bra-wearer find the right size range for their body and spot whether or not a bra fits correctly, thereby allowing anyone to shop for a bra and avoid poor fitting.

Make a note of that measurement (only used for comparison) and compare it to the Bra Size from step 1.Next up in this series is: How to Measure Yourself for a Bra.Ideally, when you are measuring, you should not be wearing anything, or you could be wearing a bra.

Wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the fullest part of your chest (at nipple level).

Measuring with a tape measure may not be enough to get the perfect fit bra.

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If the number is odd, add 1 inch to that to get your true band size.

Measure the string from the place where your finger is until the end that you started with, using a yardstick, ruler or stiff tape measure.

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If your measured bra size is not translating well to the bra size try going up or down a cup or band size for the perfect fit.

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Above the bust: Place the measuring tape directly over the bust (under the armpits).Apply the string as described above and take note of the exact length with a pen.This is because the clothes can add several inches to your measurement, giving you an inaccurate measurement.To get the cups you can cut up an old bra you no longer want or you can buy shaped foam cups in sewing stores.